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    Principal Anna Wallace's blog offers a glimpse into life at Cascadia.

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    Happy Lunar New Year! This last weekend many Cascadia families celebrated Lunar New Year! Welcome to the year of the rat! Today at community meeting we heard from a handful of students all about how their families celebrate! One of our students told the story of the monster Nian from Chinese culture. We learned about yummy foods, red envelopes, and sweeping! Does your family celebrate Lunar New Year? What are your special traditions?

     We are always looking to highlight special cultural traditions that our students and families celebrate! If you have something you'd like to share don't hesitate to reach out to your students teacher!

    Vietnamese rat image for Lunar New Year

    Posted by aewallace  On Jan 29, 2020 at 3:32 PM

    The salmon have returned to Cascadia! For another year we are excited to get to participate in the Salmon in Schools program. We received about 200 eggs. The 1st graders are keeping the eggs in 50º F water.'s just about the same temperature as the Puget Sound!

    The eggs we received at Coho eggs. Coho is the Salish name for Oncorhynchus kisutch. The fish is sometimes called 'silver' as well. Do you know how many types of Salmon there are in the Puget Sound region? We have 5 different types! Ask a 1st grader and they should be able to tell you the hand trick for remembering all of them. Chum (thumb), Sockeye (pointer finger), King (middle finger), Silver (ring finger), Pink (pinky finger).

     The 1st graders also taught me about the stages of the salmon life cycle. They start as an egg, then hatch into aelvin where they carry their dinner with them. Then they become fry, then smolt and then finally adult! 

    Next time you're in the building check out the tank and see how the salmon are growing!

    graphic of a hand with types of salmonkids standing at the salmon tankpicture of the salmon eggs

    (sorry some of the pictures are sideways...the image editor wasn't working :/)

    Posted by aewallace  On Jan 29, 2020 at 3:11 PM

    This Wednesday at Community Meeting we learned all about the Hindu Festival of Lights. We watched two video's that shared about the tradition of Diwali. You can check the video's out yourself below! Several 5th grade students who celebrate Diwali also shared with us their family traditions. We learned about some of the yummy foods (lots of food!) and the lights and the noise that make up part of celebrating Diwali. Students also had a question and answer session.

    Our Race and Equity Team is working with families and students to highlight the special celebrations and traditions our students celebrate. If your family has a tradition you'd like to share please let us know! You can fill out the online survey here.

    Diwali National Geographic video

    Ramayana: Story of Diwali

    Posted by aewallace  On Dec 19, 2019 at 12:55 PM

    This just in! Read all about it! Our very own Zoe Mirchandani has been selected by Scholastic Kids Press to be a Kid Reporter! She is one of 50 kids ages 10-14 from around the world who will report on local and global issues that are of interest to kids. Zoe says she got her love of writing right here at Cascadia from Mr. Downing!

    She’s already been on the King5 New Day Northwest and written up in the Queen Anne News. Click below to watch and read all about it. We are so proud of her!

    Link to Zoe on King5

    Link to Queen Anne News

    Also don’t forget to follow her news stories on Kids Press!! Scholastic Kids Press Logo

    Posted by aewallace  On Oct 03, 2019 at 8:31 AM
    Well we made it... Today all the kids are gone, teachers have packed up and everyone has started their summer break. We had a fun filled year! The Student Council really took off this year and we had 4 different committees. We had lots of wonderful Community Meetings run by students (and Ms. Savage). We had fun assemblies from Book-It Theater and the Seattle Opera. Kids performed their instruments for us and we got to see Mr. Warren's class put on a theatrical rendition of a Native American tale. We got some days of snow that just gave us extra time with our wonderful students. We can't wait to see what they will do next year. Have a restful and relaxing summer! See you on August 28th for our Welcome Back event! teachers waving goodbye
    Posted by aewallace  On Jun 28, 2019 at 7:42 AM

    Growing up in Seattle I have many memories of driving south down I-5 and crossing the bridge that leads through the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge . Mostly, it makes me think of potato chips (there used to be a brand of chips called Nisqually)! I've never stopped end enjoyed the Refuge, but I definitely have it on my to visit list now!

    Lucky for our 4th grade team and students, Ms. Gibson decided to stop and explore one day. She loved it so much, she thought, what so many teachers do, how can I get my kids here? She began planning a field trip to the Refuge for the 4th graders. The Saturday before all the snow started Ms. Gibson and the rest of the 4th grade teachers went on a field trip of their own to learn about the refuge and how to bring the students there.

    They had tons of fun exploring and got a chance to look at birds, plants and other wildlife. They learned about the importance of NWLRs to migratory birds, the links to Washington State history that the 4th graders study and how to use binoculars! They also learned about the deep history of the place and the Nisqually Tribes efforts to save the river delta. In 2015 the Refuge was renamed in honor of Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Tribal Leader and activist who had worked hard to ensure the land remained undeveloped. You can read more about the history here:

    I'm excited to hear all about the trip the kids take in the spring! They've got a few months for the snow to melt out...

    Mr. Downing & Mrs. Ford Ms. Gibson birds in a tree blue heron
    watching for birds Ms. Spreen & Mr. Downing learning

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    Posted by aewallace  On Apr 17, 2019 at 2:02 PM
    We have received our most recent crop of Coho Salmon eggs and they are already hatching! The first day back from break we received an email from Salmon in Schools that the eggs needed to be delivered right away! They were almost ready to hatch and needed to get into the tank. Luckily, Mr. Bass and Mrs. Daffara had set the tank up and the water was all ready for them. Kids have now been observing them as the hatch from eggs into alevin.

    We have been participating in Salmon in the Classroom for as long as I have been with the program. When I taught 1st grade I used to help manage the tank and clean it out and help take care of the fish. Then Mr. Bass and now Mr. Bass and Mrs. Daffara are helping to keep the salmon tradition going at Cascadia.

    There are 73 schools both public and private that participate in Salmon in Schools-Seattle. The group helps bring the eggs, permits and educational materials to the school in the Seattle area.

    We have Coho Salmon this year, but do you know all 5 types of Salmon that live in the Pacific Northwest? Get your hand ready...
    Repeat after me:  
    •    Thumb: Rhymes with "Chum"
    •    Pointer: "Sockeye" pokes your eye
    •    Middle: Tallest finger reigns "King" (Chinook)
    •    Ring: Wear "Silver" on your ring finger (Coho)
    •    Pinkie: is for "Pink" salmon

    Check back soon for more updates on the Salmon!
    Salmon Eggs in the tank
    Eggs introduced to the tank!

    Kids observing the salmon
    Kids observing the salmon changing from eggs to alevin!
    Posted by aewallace  On Jan 16, 2019 at 2:53 PM
    This week has been Hour of Code week around the world! We had many people from Amazon come and teach our students about coding and being technologists. Parent Daniel Taylor, helped organize and brought many of his coworkers to school. They worked in our 4th grade classrooms and one 3rd grade class with students on the laptops. Then for Community Meeting they shared all about their careers that involved coding. They shared about how they tinkered and built programs and games with their friends and now how they are using coding to solve real world problems. Then we had a dance party! Kids got a chance to be the computer and give an output based on inputs! It was a lot of fun and we had a blast. Thanks Daniel and Amazon for coming out to share with us.
    If you want to find out more about Hour of Code, check out the website:
    Posted by aewallace  On Dec 07, 2018 at 2:24 PM
    For several years 5th grade teacher, Nathan Brown, has been doing Inktober with his students. This year, most of the 5th grade got in on the action. Inktober is a challenge to draw something in ink for each day of the month of October, 31 drawings in 31 days. Each day has a prompt. Some of them for this year were drooling, slice, and prickly.

    The students also created a video that was shared at Community Meeting showcasing some of the drawings. Check it out. Also, check out the Inktober website, and mark your calendar for next year.

    Spotlight on 5th-inktober - Savage

    Click here to see the video. 
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    Posted by aewallace  On Nov 01, 2018 at 1:42 PM
    Community meeting is often a place for our students to showcase their skills. This week we had students who regularly participate in lunchtime unicycling give us a performance! They were able to go up and down ramps, slalom around cones and even play limbo! Several of the kids even rode "Giraffe" unicycles! They were extra tall! All the kids participated in a flower dance where they worked together riding in formation. It was quite impressive!
    Each student also got to say their name, grade and how long they had been practicing for. Quite a few have been riding unicycle for several years, but several just learned this year. I know I was impressed! It's been a fun activity (supported by our wonderful PTA) that happens at most lunch recesses. Keep on riding Dragons!

    students riding giraffe unicycle
    Posted by aewallace  On May 12, 2018 at 3:06 PM
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